Wednesday, July 28, 2010

another one bites the dust

another day of cooking new and delicious foods has come to an end. after dinner was finished we went over to a friend's house and we picked apples. LOTS of apples, and there were at least 3 times as many as we picked still on the tree. all total we cut, cored and bagged 16 gallons of apples. we put them in the freezer until we will have time to make something yummy with them.
yes that is what 16 gallons of bagged apples look like. impressive huh.

for supper we had dolmades and cucumber salad. they were both so good.
Dolmathakia me Kima
i found our recipe here. i only used ground beef, and after rolling for an hour we decided to bake the rest of the filling. it was similar to meat loaf, but better somehow. we used grape leaves off of our grapevine in the yard, that was pretty awesome.

the recipe for the yummy olive salad can be found here. take some time to check out her blog, it is one of my faves.

leave me a comment if you are following Greek week. I'm curious to see if anyone is actually reading this. thanks


Mzzterry said...

I am reading! I am sure others are too, but people are just reluctant to comment! thanks for your kind comments on my blog. i wanna say i think doing things like this greek week will stay in your kids memory & heart 4 ever & ever....what a very special time and wonderful loving thing to do for them...kudos!!

Kerri said...

that is a LOT of apples! :)