Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i remember when rock was young

i don't really, but her heiness loves that song on Lego rock band. i often talk about angelfood ministry on my regular blog and how much we enjoy it. one of the boxes they offer is a fresh fruit and veggie box. the only problem we run into is that often the fruit is just a pit ripe or bruised, not always and not all. this past month we got 4 peaches that were a little bruised for my just munch on in a few days preference. what do you do with 4 peaches that won't make it a week? you dig through your pantry until you find a box of jiffy raspberry muffin mix. then you sprinkle those peaches that have been sliced with a bit of nutmeg and sugar. you mix the muffin mix with an egg, some milk, cinnamon, and vanilla. i did spray the pan first. then i dotted the peaches with some real butter, poured the muffin mix on them, put them in the oven and.......

a peach melba cobbler.

it was delicious and all the kids chowed down heartily. so what do you do with fruit that is past its eat by date but not yet to its toss date?