Friday, January 8, 2010

flying purple people eater

welcome back to another adventure in cookbooks. tonight's recipe is for the kiddos. we have been doing Friday pizza night for a long time. we started with store bought pizza and have slowly made our way to homemade. i didn't feel like messing with that recipe too much, so i made drinks for the kids instead. we headed over to the cowden's house for pizza night fun. the recipe is from Blender Cooking, a good deal of my cookbooks are thrift store buys or were inherited.
Grape Chiller
6 oz frozen grape juice concentrate, partially thawed
3 oz frozen orange juice concentrate, partially thawed
2 thin unpeeled lime or lemon slices, quartered
1 1/2 c cold water
1 c crushed ice
20 oz chilled ginger ale
Crumb first ingredients 20 seconds, or until lime or lemon is finely chopped. Pour an equal amount of mixture into 6 tall glasses over ice cubes; fill glasses with ginger ale and stir gently.

yeah i know the picture isn't that great, but did you see the one with the cookbook? that's my oldest daughter, monkey, and pattylicious' oldest son brc. well I've never been one to follow all of the rules, so i tossed the ice in with the first five ingredients. let's face it kids think anything out of the blender is way fun, well so i do i for what it's worth. the ginger ale made the grape mixture all foamy and cool looking, and the kids seemed to really like it. even the twins thought it was good stuff. i tried a glass because i wanted to warn you if it was too weird, and it was actually pretty good. i would have had another, but sadly it was all gone.

i don't promise anything too extravagant next week because i will be pulling double duty. my hubby has training in Orlando for a week, so i will be on my own. i will do my best to continue with my forward momentum. tune in tomorrow night to see how Scandinavian Saturday turned out. i think we are going to try to do a different global cuisine every Saturday, so this could be a lot of fun. until next time happy cooking.

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